Facial exfoliation is a natural way to eliminate built-up impurities and dead skin cells. Exfoliation helps smoothen the skin's surface and make it soft, silky, and clean. Gentle scrubs activate microcirculation in the skin to leave it glowing and encourage the absorption of the active ingredients in your skincare products.

Use gentle scrubs for normal to oily skin, fruit enzymes for sensitive skin, and peels for mature skin. Whatever your skin type, you get the same result: a fresh and radiant complexion. Body scrubs help remove dead cells that suffocate the skin. They refine the skin's texture, even out the tone, improve elasticity, and boost capillary action.

Start at the ankles with a coarse grain scrub and move up using circular movements. Be gentle when exfoliating the area around the neckline, where the skin is more delicate. Exfoliation leaves the skin oxygenated so that it breathes and becomes less delicate. Exfoliated skin is better at absorbing any treatment you apply and the effect is immediate.

To show off your pretty feet in summer sandals, you need to deal with rough skin. But you also need to use a scrub on this area, where the skin is 10 times thicker than on your face, to get rid of dead skin cells. Choose a special foot scrub and apply using circular movements, particularly over rougher areas. You can also make homemade scrubs by mixing sweet almond oil and sugar.

Using scrubs on the scalp not only eliminates impurities but also unblocks the pores and removes excess sebum. Whether you use a cream, a mask, or a gel, regular scalp exfoliation is a beauty tip to prevent greasy hair and dandruff. Scrubs leave the scalp feeling clean and invigorated, which also encourages hair growth.

The L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Anti-Dullness Scrub helps cleanse the skin thoroughly and eliminates all impurities. It also helps to instantly remove make-up and has unique exfoliating beads that remove dead skin cells to reveal a radiant complexion. It works by gently unclogging pores and washing away excess sebum, which results in minimal pores and a refined, brightened skin tone.

Gently apply and massage the White Perfect Anti-Dullness Scrub on a wet face and rinse off with water; avoid the eye contour.