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Facial steam: an all-natural winner, whatever your skin type!

Facial steam an allnatural winner whatever your skin type

"Do you dream of having a glowing complexion, with evenly toned, baby soft skin? If so, then a good facial steam will do the trick! Cheap as chips, easy as pie and quick as a flash, this is a beauty booster you can do at home. Facial steams deeply hydrate skin, relax facial muscles, smoothe out wrinkles and stimulate blood flow. Steam opens our pores, allowing our skin to get rid of any grime accumulated throughout the day. Result: our skin can breathe. By sweating it out, our skin can remove make up residues, pollution particles, smoke and dust. Enjoy a weekly facial steam - preferably before bed - and wake up to a fresh, radiant complexion. A pampering pleasure with immediate results!

"For maximum effect, you should adapt your facial steam to your skin type. Whilst facial steams are not recommended for people who suffer from rosacea, they work wonders on all other types of skin:- Dry skin: the steam produced deeply rehydrates dry or parched skin. Finish off by applying a good moisturiser whilst your skin's still damp. Oily skin: steam cleanses blocked pores and eliminates excess sebum. Great for greasy T-zones! Sensitive skin: as with dry skin, steam soothes sensitive skin by pumping it full of water. Make sure the water's not boiling hot, as this can increase sensitivity, and only steam your face for 2- 3 minutes.- Acne-prone skin: steam opens pores and eliminates impurities as well as excess sebum. It evens out skin tone and zaps blackheads.

"It's a piece of cake! You'll need: a large, heat resistant bowl, a towel, essential oils suited to your skin type and, obviously, hot water! Start by fully cleansing your skin. Double cleansing is best, so as to eliminate any impurities that could cause pimples. Cleanse your skin with a gentle product, such as a face oil or micellar water, which won't irritate your epidermis. Boil some water, pour it into your bowl, add a few drops of essential oil and leave it to infuse for 5 minutes. Sit down with your face over the bowl, cover your head with the towel, close your eyes and breathe. The heat should be pleasurable, not stifling. If it's too hot, let it cool down a bit first. Once you're settled, hold your head over the bowl for around ten minutes. Stay in a warm environment for an hour afterwards, so that your skin isn't exposed to a sudden change in temperature.

There's more to a facial steam than just hot water! Each essential oil has its own properties, so you can bask in a bespoke facial spa. If you have oily skin, add a few drops of rosewood, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary or grapefruit essential oil. These will help remove any excess sebum. If, on the other hand your skin is dry or parched, opt for lavender essential oil, which is renowned for its soothing, regenerating properties. For sensitive skin, your best bets are patchouli, lime, sandalwood or bergamot essential oils. If you suffer from acne, tea tree oil is an astringent, anti-bacterial superhero.

There's no better way to reap the benefits of a face mask than to apply it to clean, hydrated, relaxed skin. Steam preps skin to make treatments even more effective and a face mask will suck out any last traces of grime. Apply a green or white clay face mask to help close your pores. The latter's calming and soothing, with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Leave your mask on for around 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water and finish with a spritz of thermal water. And there you have it: a peachy, glowing complexion combined with a chilled out body and soul.