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Face Yoga: Zen Your Way To A Younger Face

Face Yoga Zen Your Way To A Younger Face
Face yoga: zen your way to a younger face

We know that anti-wrinkle treatments are worth their weight in gold, but dealing with sagging skin is another kettle of fish. Age brings with it a host of skincare challenges: new lines, deeper wrinkles, liver spots, dull skin and a loss of density. Levels of hyaluronic acid present in skin drop and our faces change: our skin becomes less plump, our cheeks hollow out and our cheekbones lose their volume. We can begin to look old and worn.

Facial muscles are just like any other muscles in the body. Face yoga makes us aware of movements that cause the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

- when we pout, raise our eyebrows, frown... Our expressions form lines that disappear when we relax our face. Other wrinkles.

- such as those that run from our nose to our mouth

- are usually caused by tension or gravity and can only be banished by firming up our facial muscles.

Our faces wither over time, but regular facial workouts are a sure-fire way to keep signs of ageing at bay. Face yoga relaxes and lifts our faces - it deals with sagging skin, reduces wrinkles and re-models our facial contour. Our skin instantly feels alive and kicking. And our faces look youthfully firm!

Face yoga can be enjoyed in salons. Or in the comfort of your own home. Just try out these basic poses:

- The lion: breathe in through your nose and clench your fists whilst tensing up your facial muscles. Slowly relax your muscles (over about 10 seconds), whilst sticking out your tongue and opening your eyes as wide as you can.

- The surprise: open your eyes as wide as possible without moving your forehead or any other facial muscles. Hold this pose for as long as you can.

- The balloon: breathe in through your nose and puff your breath out from cheek to cheek. - Baby bird: turn your head to the side and slightly lift up your chin. Open your mouth and close it whilst clenching your jaw. Slowly tighten up your neck muscles.