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Face Heading South? Time For A Firming Plan Of Action!

Face Heading South Time For A Firming Plan Of Action

Middle age brings with it a host of skincare issues: more lines, deeper wrinkles, age spots and slowly sagging skin. The great news is that the latest anti-ageing treatments are designed to improve skin tone and give it a plumping lift!

Effective and fast-acting, firming treatments are packed with active ingredients that deal sagging and other visible signs of ageing: age spots, red patches, blemishes and a dull complexion. They contain molecules identical to those produced by our bodies (ceramides, hyaluronic acid, collagen) to tone up our features whilst draining, smoothing and decongesting our skin. The result? Denser, plumper skin!

We all know that moisturising slows down the clock, so applying hydrating treatments is a middle aged must. Ditto for our firming face cream! Which is why firming creams are also designed to gorge our skin with hydrating, wrinkle-zapping ingredients. Bursting with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol, they pump our skin with gravity-defying goodness whilst ensuring it remains deeply moisturised. The result? Supple, plump, hydrated skin.

Protecting and nourishing our skin can be an indulgent pleasure! Textures nowadays are divine (feather light lotions and serums) and applicators are increasingly high-tech. Curved tips, roll-ons... Whatever you choose, these will smooth your skin and gently massage away tired lines.