Skin Care

Erase Any Signs of Tiredness in Just 15 Minutes

Start by splashing cold water onto your face to stimulate circulation and tone tired skin. Then, apply micellar water, which is very soft for sensitive skin, or a toner to rid the skin of impurities accumulated overnight (toxins, excess sebum, etc). A glowing freshness is regained immediately.

To achieve a well-rested look, leave a mask rich in moisturising and smoothing agents on the cleansed face for a few minutes. It eliminates greyness or signs of tiredness, reduces puffiness under the eyes, diminishes dark circles and restores radiance to a dull complexion in a matter of minutes. Results: smooth features and hydrated skin fresh as a rose!

Hydrated skin is one on which the signs of tiredness won't look quite so obvious. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, a dull complexion... keep your skin moisturised and all of these will be reduced. Morning and evening, lightly massage your chosen moisturiser into the skin in circular movements to stimulate micro-circulation and help the active ingredients penetrate deeply. Add a moisturising booster serum for stressful mornings.

Start with a concealer that is an exact match to your skin colour and apply it with a brush for more precision. Then use an illuminator; a tone above your complexion; to eliminate dark shadows and signs of tiredness Apply this to the hollow of the chin, the contour of the lips and the sides of the nose. A touch of pink blusher on the cheek bones et voila!