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Dark Circles And Bags Under Eyes: Time To Chop Kick Your Panda Eyes To The Curb!

Dark circles and puffy bags under your eyes often appear when you are tired. But there are other causes for dark under-eyes as well. Poor circulation to your under eye area can make thread veins under your eyes more apparent. As for bags, they are caused by accumulated fat under your eyelids.

Age, genetic factors, and poor lifestyle habits can make them worse, but there are still plenty of ways to camouflage your panda eyes. Here are some simple ways in which you can de-puff your under eyes bags and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Use an under-eye cream

Firstly, we can zap dark circles by boosting our blood flow. Apply treatments that contain caffeine and aloe vera, make sure you moisturise, place cold items on your eyes to reduce puffiness and, finally, invest in a suitable concealer that adequately covers dark circles.


De-puff with your eye bags

To reduce bags, moisturise with revitalising textures such as cream gels, eye contour masks that can be left on for several minutes or overnight and eye contour treatments applied with a de-congesting metal tip suited to this extremely fragile part of the face.

Try the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Transforming Eye Cream to reduces wrinkles and puffiness, and replenish the under eye skin for a new youthful & radiant look. The Laser X3 Transforming Eye Cream instantly refines texture and reduces eye puffiness for skin transformation around the eyes.


Sleep 7-9 hours every night

It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to reduce your under eye circles and bags. Plenty of shut-eye = less fatigue = fewer dark circles and bags. So pop on your jammies, sleep for at least seven hours, and wake up as fresh as a daisy!

Over time, the fragile skin under your eyes become thinner and become more prone to dark circles and under eye bags. Even though you might not be able to completely eliminate them, especially once your skin starts ageing, the simple steps mentioned above will help you delay the onset of under eye bags and circles. Make these steps a part of your daily skincare routine to protect and brighten your delicate under eye area.