Skin Care

Cushion creams, Asia's latest game changer

Put simply, a comfy cushion for our skin. We all know that Korea takes the lead when it comes to fabulous treatments and their latest skincare wonder is the cushion cream. So, what's the big deal? Cushion creams are able to moisturise and plump up our skin in a flash.Plus, they're now available in the UK. On practical note, cushion creams are fresh, light and very good at their jobs. Which is why Beautystas are rushing to the shops. They're as soft as pillows with a lovely sensual touch.The secret to this technological marvel? A high concentration of active ingredients blended into treatments that also leave our skin feeling soft and fresh.

They moisturise, combat wrinkles and feel gorgeous without being sticky or greasy. A fluffy eiderdown of a cream that you can apply morning or night. They leave skin smooth and velvety, close pores, zap blemishes and brighten the complexion.Laboratories have achieved this by blending high-tech elastomers with surfactants. This winning combination has the ability to stabilise active ingredients, notably low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.