Skin Care

Combat Chlorine And Swim Without Harming Your Skin

Swimming pools need to be hygienic, but the disinfectants added to the water can play havoc with your skin. Chlorine is particularly aggressive - it kills bacteria in the water, but it also attacks the skin and hair. Prolonged contact with chlorinated water can dry your skin and, in high concentrations, make it feel tight or burned. Some people may even break out in an itchy, red rash.

So although chlorine doesn’t cause any serious harm, it can upset your epidermis. Here are a few ways to protect your skin from the harsh chlorine and enjoy your swim without worries.

1. Before heading to the pool, avoid peels and cold masks, which are too harsh for skin that's about to be plunged into chlorinated water. Opt instead for a moisturiser that provides a protective barrier. Apply it to all sensitive areas, abrasions, pimples, cuts, and inflammation.

2. Remember to take off all make-up before you enter the swimming pool. Chlorine and mascara combo can cause irritation, not to mention panda eyes.

3. Once out of the pool, wash with a pH-neutral emollient shower gel, which will help rehydrate your skin.

4. Don't forget to rinse your swimsuit, cap and goggles as well. Chlorine can damage accessories too.

5. After drying off, smooth on a body lotion and moisturise your face. The goal? To restore the skin's hydrolipid film and prevent dryness. Avoid oily creams, which will stick to your clothes as you’re trying to get dressed.

6. Finally, apply a few drops of cornflower water to the eyes. This soothes and prevents them from becoming bloodshot.

7. In the evening choose a rich nourishing cream, such as a body balm, dry oil or body butter. Apply a moisturising face mask that you can leave on for a few minutes, or even overnight for deep hydration. Try the Hydra Fresh Anti-Ox Night Mask-In Jelly by L’Oréal Paris to drench your skin in some hydrating goodness overnight. The French Grape Polyphenols in the Anti-Ox Night Mask-In Jelly are powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals caused by daily aggressions, just what you need after a swim in the pool. The Mask-In Jelly is also infused with French Vosges Spa Water which stimulates cell’s vitality to strengthen skin barrier for an optimal hydration level.

Swimming is an excellent exercise, it tones your muscles and relaxes your mind. Lazing in the pool is also the perfect way to beat the hot summer sun. But the harsh chlorine that kills the bacteria in the pool damages your skin and hair. To prevent this, follow the simple steps mentioned above to reduce chlorine’s impact.