Skin Care

Collagen in our creams, we say yes !

Collagen is an essential and natural part of your skin, keeping it firm and youthful, so it stands to reason that it should make up an important part of your beauty creams, too. In fact, this vital ingredient is the royalty of skincare solutions. Read on to know how collagen helps your skin and how you can make it a part of your daily routine.

Collagen helps firm your skin

It is the collagen fibres in the connective tissue of the dermis that ensure the support and toning effect for the skin. It's a protein with properties that repair body tissue but it's not present in food, it's actually the body that produces it. Unfortunately, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, stress, sun, infections, and pollution all reduce the level of collagen in the tissues, but it is age that remains public enemy number one when it comes to collagen. This precious protein decreases by 1% per year from the age of 40. Yikes! This causes skin to slacken, and also can cause certain types of rheumatism because the cartilages are composed of 60% collagen.

Collagen in skincare products

So we know that when collagen decreases over time, skin loses its strength and elasticity, and horror of horrors, wrinkles will appear. That's when you need to give your skin a little helping hand to encourage cells to regenerate and boost collagen production. Thank goodness those thoughtful skincare labs have developed formulas that contain collagen combined with other ingredients to boost the skin. The best combo to diminish wrinkles and plump the skin? Collagen plus hyaluronic acid. You'll be hydrated and smoothed before you can say 'needle-free solution'.

Collagen capsule

For an extra boost, collagen can also be taken in capsule form, which is the kind of simple solution we like. It's often of marine or vegetable origin and is usually recommended in cases of articular or rheumatic problems. Plus there are drinks and collagen-based powders to maintain healthy skin and body energy. Pass us the blender.

Collagen is a glue that provides structure to, and holds your skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones together. So it is safe to say that is an important building block and you should help your body produce collagen in sufficient quantities. Protect and preserve your body’