Skin Care

Challenge Accepted: My Skin's Going to Glow This Winter!

Challenge Accepted My Skins Going to Glow This Winter

No point in piling on the make up if your skin's not squeaky clean. So start by applying a gentle scrub once a week. Our skincare routine tip? Don't rub too hard but do take your time to massage it on using light, circular movements. This will boost your circulation and stimulate your skin cells. This also means any active ingredients will better penetrate your epidermis and give your complexion a gentle wake-up call. If you have the time, follow your scrub with face mask.

Our skin is made up of millions of cells that need to be kept well hydrated, so that our epidermis doesn't dry out. What's more, we tend to drink less during winter as we simply don't feel as thirsty as we do in summer. Which further harms our skin as it battles freezing temperatures. To prevent dead cells from bunging up our faces, we need to hydrate our bodies if we want our gorgeous glow to return. Drinking 1.5 litres of water a day will help your skin remain supple and hydrated. And make sure you apply a suitable moisturiser both morning and night.

Our bodies have a hard time during winter, as they try to stay warm despite the icy weather. This means they need more energy than during the rest of the year So pile your plate with fresh fruit and veg to give your body a turbo-charged boost. If you're feeling worn out, take daily vitamin supplements for a month or two. A great glowing skin tip is to drink carrot juice every morning - it'll gradually give you a light tan!

Foundation is a great way to liven up pasty, tired skin. But choose the colour carefully - applying a dark foundation to pale skin is a big no-no! This beauty blunder will leave you with visible foundation lines around your face. So opt for a foundation that matches your skin tone and don't slather it on. Either apply a thin layer all over your face or just to the blemishes you wish to disguise.

Here's where highlighting comes into play! Start by applying a highlighter to zones that catch the light. Apply a small amount of a brightening primer to your forehead, cheekbones and bridge of your nose. Finish off by gently tapping it in, so that it blends with your foundation. Go easy - too much will leave you glowing in the dark!

Finish off by working on your cheeks. A touch of blusher will do the trick! Red and pink tones works best in winter, rather than summery orange colours. Brush a small amount across the top of your cheekbones. Follow with a bronzing powder that's slightly darker than your skin. Apply it by drawing a '3' on each side of your face: start at your temples, follow with your cheeks and finish with your jawline. And kiss to goodbye to your wintry, pale complexion!