Skin Care

Carrot oil for a healthy bronzed glow

Carrot oil naturally leaves our complexions with a subtle, natural tan. The moment you apply a drop of this orange-coloured oil, your skin will take on a healthy hue. All you need to do is blend a few drops into your body moisturiser or face serum. And after a few days, hey presto, sun-kissed skin! If your complexion's on the dull side, treat your face to a homemade face mask by blending a teaspoon of carrot oil with a teaspoon of honey and a small pot of plain yoghurt. Leave for 10 minutes, rinse off and welcome back dewy skin!

Carrot oil's great for getting our skin sun-ready. Carrot oil's usually blended with other plant-based body and face oils for a vitamin A-packed filter that strengthens skin and helps to fend off harmful UV rays. For maximum effect, start a couple of months before summer by replacing a teaspoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of carrot oil, making sure you don't exceed 3 tablespoons a week. But be warned, carrot oil should never be used in place of a sunscreen!

Carrot oil doesn't just prep our skin for the sun - it also gives us a healthy, bronzed glow. It's vitamin A content makes it an excellent suntan oil. Mix 100ml of carrot oil with 20 drops each of carrot and ylang ylang essential oils. Apply it under your sunscreen to boost the tanning process!

Carrot oil loves mature skin. Its vitamin A and free radical-killing antioxidant action help to slow down the skin ageing clock. It boosts cell regeneration and leaves our skin feeling more supple. Carrot oil can be used as a daily anti-ageing treatment or in a weekly, homemade mask: mix equal quantities of carrot and avocado oil and apply as a mask for 15 minutes to help your skin regenerate.

Carrot oil works a treat on dry or sensitive skin by protecting it from the elements - cold, sun, pollution... It's nourishing, protective and regenerative properties are ideal for chapped skin during winter. You can apply it neat to instantly soothe your lips. To calm sensitive skin, apply some carrot oil blended with either musk rose or borage oil. And if your skin's ultra-dry, blend carrot oil with cocoa or shea butter to deeply nourish your parched epidermis.