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Beauty tips we shouldn't let slip through the net

Beauty tips we shouldnt let slip through the net

Lukewarm water + acid = not the most appealing wake-up call. Knowing that, after waking, we should wait half an hour before swallowing anything, the prospect may make our stomachs' churn. That said, this beauty tip combats water retention and gives our digestive system an effective kickstart. It's a detox classic that drains and purifies the body, while providing us with a good dose of vitamin C to set us up for the day.

After pampering yourself in a relaxing and comforting shower, the idea of blasting your body with cold water seems barking mad. And yet cold water firms up skin and boosts weight loss, by forcing the body to burn calories to get back to its normal temperature. It also boosts blood flow, leaving your pins refreshed and limiting the appearance of varicose veins.

This trend involves cleansing with a 100% fat-based treatment, followed by an aqueous one. It's more time consuming than a quick wipe of micellar water and requires more products. But it's the key to having really clean skin. Firstly, it removes all make up, any remaining moisturiser, pollution, excess sebum and sweat. Secondly, it deeply cleanses facial skin.

We love the texture and perfume our shampoo gives our hair, so why change it?

Sticking to the same shampoo can leave our hair listless and unprepared for seasonal changes. Our hair gets used to the shampoo's ingredients, making it less effective.