Skin Care

Back to work back to school time to organise our beauty products

Bin the sunscreens but keep your after-sun: SPF 50s aren't much use when autumn arrives, so if you're not planning a sunny break before next year, no need to keep your sunscreen - it'll be well past its use by date when next summer comes around. But keep your after sun lotion or oil as it will soothe and moisturise your skin. Feel free to use up every dreg. Added plus: a longer lasting tan! Ditch the nourishing night cream, but keep the serum: Rich moisturisers are great for soothing skin after a day in the sun, but they're not necessary once your skin has settled into its post-summer routine. However, keep your serums, as they are lighter yet highly concentrated in active ingredients. Forget lemons, but keep detoxifying clays: Fresh lemon juice every morning? It can take weeks for the benefits to show on skin. Whereas a clay face mask will brighten your complexion in a flash. Apply to clean skin and let it work for several minutes, so that all impurities are removed. Put away your lip gloss but keep your matte lipstick: Lip gloss perfectly complements a sun-kissed glow, but once back at your desk, an elegant lippy will do the trick. Plus a matte lipstick will define your dazzling smile. Draping is the new contouring: Time to let go of shadowing and highlighting our features by caking them with foundation. It's too heavy and often spells disaster. Draping is the way to go; it's lighter, it beautifully defines facial contours and only requires a dab of blusher.