Skin Care

Argan Oil to Beat the Winter Skin Blues

The winds of winter are harsh on our skin. That is a fact. Cold winter air strips skin of its moisture and natural oils. Combine this with hot showers and heated rooms, both that dry out the skin further. All this can make your skin vulnerable to extreme dryness leading to flaky, cracked and irritable skin.
We definitely need something to moisturize our skin, while also keeping it nourished and healthy looking. Argan oil to the rescue.

A Moroccan cuisine staple

Used for centuries, Argan oil comes from Argan tree nuts, which contain up to three kernels that are roasted (just like coffee beans) and then milled using traditional techniques. This highly perfumed, slightly nutty-tasting oil is often used in traditional Moroccan dishes: spread on bread, in salad dressings or drizzled over grilled fish.

Kitchen counter to beauty cabinet

But Moroccan women also swear by it to moisturize their skin, soothe minor skin irritations, add shine to their locks and to protect their bodies from the sun. Nowadays, Argan oil designed for the cosmetics industry, is cold-pressed to temper its strong scent.

Loded with minerals

This nourishing oil is packed with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, as well as omega 6 + 9 fatty acids and polyphenols. Its fatty content means it great for soothing dry skin, restoring our skin's hydrolipidic layer and protecting us from the elements - wind, sun and pollution. This makes it a natural anti-ageing wonder, bursting with active ingredients that prevent oxidation and combat dry skin.

Argan oil moisturizes, revitalises and softens skin. It also protects skin from the dehydrating effects of cold, windy winter weather. As the mercury drops and our skin begins to suffer, applying Argan oil-based creams, oils and lotions works wonders.

It immediately soothes skin chapped by freezing conditions. Face-wise, you'll find both day and night creams that contain its beneficial anti-ageing properties. But choose wisely - to be effective, opt for treatments that contain between 3 to 5% Argan oil.