Skin Care

A Sun Damage Free Summer

Dark spots are a result of excess production of melanin, the pigment that gives the skin its colour. These dark spots often appear on the face, chest, and hands. Dermatologists are unanimous on the fact that dark spots appear more in the summer and appear for around 80% of people. Dark spots tend to appear after the age of 20. This phenomenon increases as we age and becomes even more common when we reach 50. After this age, 90% of women are affected by dark spots. Continue reading to know more about some of the causes of dark spots and how to prevent their appearance and protect your skin.


The sun and its UV rays are the leading causes of dark spots but blue light from the solar spectrum can also aggravate the condition. The blue light attacks the skin even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Some dark spots are also caused by a change in hormones. For example, a lot of women notice that their dark spots increase during pregnancy.


Do not expose your skin to the sun without adequate sun protection. Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF, at least 30, and a good UVA/UVB rating. You should also try and go for a sunscreen that contains antioxidants. The L’Oreal UV Perfect Even Complexion provides 12 hour protection and protects your skin against brown spots and darkening. The UV Perfect sunscreen has SPF 50+ and is enriched with powerful antioxidants that limit the production of free radicals in your skin and protect the health and appearance of your skin. The sunscreen’s advanced Anti-UV filters help guard your skin’s colour and help your skin stay visibly fair and young.

If you’re back from a long summer holiday that you’ve spent outdoors in the warm sunshine, chances are that you have new sun spots on your face and neck. For the first two weeks after your summer vacation, your priority is to moisturise and comfort the epidermis. After your skin is nourished and taken care of, you can tackle your dark spots. To do this, use a gel lotion in the evening to reduce the appearance and size of dark spots. The following morning, apply a moisturising day cream and continue using your sunscreen as usual.

The summers are great for picnics, beach vacations, and spending time outdoors. Even though soaking up the sun rays in moderation is healthy for your body and soul, long-term exposure to the harsh sun rays can have adverse effects on your skin. Follow these simple tips to enjoy your summer without letting then sun affect your skin (and your fun!)