Skin Care

A closer look at microencapsulation in cosmetics

Microencapsulation is a process where very fine solid or liquid particles are enclosed by a membrane. This technology was born in the printing industry, with the creation of carbonless copy paper. It was quickly developed and rolled out in pharmacy, agrochemistry, food processing… and cosmetics. Microencapsulation in cosmetics and skin care offers a range of benefits: it protects the active ingredients during use, slowly distributes the encapsulated active ingredients over the skin's surface, and improves the penetration of the substances for greater effectiveness.

Skin care that contains microencapsulated pearls has charmed the biggest cosmetic brands and is convincing us too, and not just because of the novel, fun nature of the process. So what is the attraction? Microencapsulation keeps the active ingredients perfectly intact until they are applied to the skin. Microencapsulated skin care reduces wrinkles, minimises dark spots and nourishes even the driest epidermis. Microencapsulated pigments escape when in contact with the skin for a glowing complexion, microencapsulated retinol attaches itself to the bottom of the wrinkle and slowly releases its anti aging active ingredients, bubbles of oil plump up the skin, and microencapsulated ceramides illuminate your face.

The microencapsulation process is also much-used in the dermotextile industry. These cosmetic textiles are obtained through a combination of a specific weave and cosmetic action, where active ingredients are microencapsulated or coated onto the fabric. They are mainly made up of anti-drying active ingredients to treat certain skin diseases, moisturising active ingredients for use as day-to-day skin care or caffeine, for example, for an anti-cellulite effect. So, there are slimming pants, firming abdominal belts, anti dark spot gloves, vitamin E pillows for anti aging action, anti UV T shirts for children, tights impregnated with aloe vera for a healing effect. Microencapsulated active ingredients can work both for skin care and for your health!