Apply a serum as soon as lip wrinkles begin to appear. Apply it before an anti-ageing cream, both morning and night, using small circular movements. A quick and easy tip to help reduce their appearance is to lightly tap each fine line. If you use a serum or cream whose formula is rich in hyaluronic acid it will act as a wrinkle filler.

After your anti-ageing treatment, apply a smoothing foundation or BB cream. Why? It will help even out your skin tone, thereby masking fine lines and wrinkles. Powders can sometimes accentuate lines and wrinkles, so be careful not to dust it on too heavily.

Avoid dark colours and mattifying lipsticks, as they will thin your lips and make wrinkles even more apparent. Which is the last thing you need! Opt instead for satin or iridescent textures that will make your lips look gorgeously plump. And go for lighter colours.

Do some facial gymnastics several times a week - they can be done any time, anywhere! A facial workout will tighten your muscles and gradually decrease lip wrinkles - be patient though, it takes time for this trick to work. But all good things come to she who waits!

If your wrinkles have become quite deep, and it is making you feel self-conscious, it may be time to think about having a filler treatment. Hyaluronic injections will fill and smooth out lip wrinkles in a flash. But always make sure they are administered by a qualified dermatologist. If your skin has been damaged by the sun or smoking, your dermatologist can always apply a peel, to help your skin renew itself and regain a smoother, softer, youthful complexion.