Skin Care

5 Tips for a Radiant Skin & Peachy Complexion

Summer is around the corner, and it is the perfect time to flaunt a peachy sun-kissed look and add radiance to your skin. But staying out in the sun to achieve that perfect look can cause your skin to become tanned and dull. Kiss goodbye to tired and dull looking skin by following these five tips for a peachy, glowing complexion without stepping out in the sun.

Pick the right products for your skin

Use a gentle cleanser at morning and night to remove all impurities and any traces of make-up. Dead skin cells can suffocate pores and cause your skin to have a lackluster tone. Scrubbing can help you to get rid of all the buildup that accumulates on your face over time. For a gentle exfoliation of your skin, try the new L’Oréal Paris’ Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence. The salicylic acid in this Micro-Essence mildly exfoliates the skin and accelerates skin renewal to refine pores and skin texture. Use a radiant face mask to brighten skin and finish off with a moisturizer suited to your skin type.

Bring colour to your cheeks

Try self-massaging your face for rosy cheeks. While relieving stress and brightening features, a bit of facial yoga can boost your skin's circulation, oxygenating the skin and eliminating toxins. Massage your face with your fingertips, starting at the centre of your chin and working outwards, along your jaw and up to your nose and ears. You'll look fresh-faced in no time.

Your skin needs water too

Keeping up your fluid intake is essential to hydrating body and skin. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water every day to keep your skin healthy. If you often forget to meet your water goals during a long and busy day, applying a water-based skincare product in the morning will give your skin the hydration it needs to look moisturized all day long. The L’Oréal Paris’ Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence has a unique water-like consistency that penetrates 10 layers deep into the skin retaining moisture and leaving your skin feeling hydrated from within.

Eat your fruits and veggies

To get good skin and prolong your summer tan, think red and orange. Red and orange fruits and vegetables are packed with beta-carotene that is known for its antioxidant properties. Eating foods rich in beta-carotene can give your skin a warm glow and a tint of colour to your cheeks. Try melon, apricot, peach, tomato, red pepper and, of course, carrots. You can eat them raw, cooked, in salads or as smoothies to reap their benefits.

Get the glow with makeup

Apply a soft peach blush that adds a wash of colour to the apples of your cheeks but remember to not overdo the blush, aim for a more natural look. Use a highlighter on the high points of your face like the bridge of your nose and your cheekbones, and upper eyelids to reflect light. For an instantly sun-kissed look, follow this with a light bronzing powder on your T-zone and cheeks to warm up your skin tone.

A peachy, glowy face makes your skin look healthy and fresh without looking overly made up. Give your skin a beautiful sun-kissed glow no matter the season with these simple skincare tips and tricks.