Skin Care

5 Beauty Tips To Prolong Your Gorgeous Tan

The top beauty tip to keeping your golden glow is to scrub. Why? It'll get rid of dead skin cells that clog pores and dull skin. How often? Apply a gentle, moisturising, peeling scrub twice a week. Don't panic - it won't scrape off your tan! Quite the opposite: a gentle, regular scrub will soften your skin and prolong its colour.

After a summer of being bombarded by rays, the hydrolipidic film needs replenishing. To stop your tan peeling off at a rate of knots, you'll need to moisturise your skin twice a day with a balm, lotion or oil packed with nourishing ingredients. Even better, nowadays you can find moisturisers that are also tan enhancers! The advantage? They not only hydrate our skin but contain ingredients that boost melanin production.

The one way ticket to prolong your tan? Fake it! Fake tans are perfect if you want to keep an evenly tanned face and body. Apply after a scrub to avoid any streaks and smoothe it on, starting with your calves and slowly working up your body. And my face? Gently apply it with the palm of your hands, not forgetting your neck and ears. Word of warning: go easy on dry, rough areas (elbows, knees) and wipe off any that's reached your roots and eyebrows.

Any other tricks of the trade to prolong your tan? Yup, clever make up. Start by applying a tinted gel, working from the centre of your face out, so that you get a light, even coverage. Follow with a bronzing powder. To define your features, draw an imaginary '3', starting with your forehead, temples, cheekbones, jawline and chin.

Eating the right foods is another sure fire way to keep your healthy glow. Piling your plate with foods rich in beta carotene will give you sun-kissed skin. Peppers, tomatoes, carrot and ginger juice, apricots and melon are as good for our figures as they are for our complexions!