Skin Care

5 Ayurvedic beauty tips for flawless winter skin

As soon as you wake up, take a couple of minutes to meditate. Don't think about the busy day ahead - focus on the here and now. Imagine a soothing landscape. Breathe in its air, feel its sunlight, smell its flowers and listen to its calming sounds. Taking our time to slowly move from sleep to wake mode helps our bodies to adjust.

Splash your face and eyes with cold water and tap dry with a towel. Cold water helps to get rid of impurities and gives our circulation a refreshing boost. Kick-starting our veins gives us an instant glow. Don't forget to rinse out your nose - acid reflux from our stomachs can get lodged in our sinuses.

A morning glass of lukewarm water gently wakes up our digestive and renal systems. It's great way to naturally detoxify our bodies, hence our skin. It's a better wake up call than a morning cuppa or caffeine-filled latte.

Gently brushing our tongues, from back to front a dozen times, gets rid of dead bacteria, stimulates our organs and eases digestion. Use a metal brush that's easy to clean once you're done. Massage on a nutritious, organic oil to warm up your body and muscles. Use heavier upward strokes from your ankles to your knees, as this will get your blood flow going. When you reach your tummy, massage using circular, clockwise movements.