Skin Care

3 reasons why cleansing oils are worth their weight in gold

You've piled on the waterproof mascara, gone for a smokey-eyed look or perfected your pout with a hard-wearing lippy. So why use a cleansing oil to remove your warpaint? Because make up and impurities are lipophilic, meaning they dissolve in oil. It's a scientific fact that oil should be used to clean off oil. And there's nothing better than a cleansing oil to get the job done! Which is why waterproof make up removers are oil-based. In other words, cleansing oils capture and dissolve make up's greasy pigments. In one clean sweep, without the need to rub, they'll remove all traces of make up and impurities that have built up during the day (pollution etc.).

Promise! Even if you have combination or oily skin! As soon as it's mixed with a drop of water, a cleansing oil won't leave behind a greasy film and can be gently wiped off without rubbing. Its oil-base means it cleans without harming our skin. It can be used daily without hurting or irritating skin - eye contours included.That its efficient and super-sensual explains why Asian women, known for their fine and fragile skin, swear by cleansing oil's magical properties.

Cleansing oils' added plus is that they moisturise whilst cleansing our skin. Being composed of vegetable oil, they dislodge impurities that cling to our skin, whilst keeping its hydrolipidic barrier in tact. Unlike micellar waters, which can dry out our skin.  And if that's not enough, there's no need to reach for a cotton pad, as cleansing oils can be massaged on with your fingertips. What better way to pamper your skin after a day battling the elements?