Skin Care

10 Essential Skincare Tips For Flawless Skin

Looking after your skin means treating it with care and the right products. Where you should avoid exposing it to too much sun and pollution, you should also pay attention to your lifestyle and diet. We reveal our secret skincare tips for naturally flawless skin.

1. Healthy Diet

Perfect complexion comes from the inside, and so you should give equal attention to your food and dietary habits. Have a balanced and healthy diet that is rich in Vitamins and nutrients. To get a healthy body and beautiful skin, make sure your diet includes: antioxidants such as fruit and vegetables, Vitamin C, green tea, olive oil, beta- carotene-rich carrots for Vitamin A, cheese, eggs, etc.

2. Protect Your Skin

Protect yourself from the external factors like pollution and sunburn. Use a moisturizer that hydrates as well as repairs and renews your skin cells against any sun damage. You can try the new L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence, which penetrates 10 layers deep into the skin to give you glowing bright and youthful skin. It contains Salicylic Acid, which accelerates skin renewal & mildly exfoliates to refine pores & skin texture. This Micro-Essence moisturizes as well as hydrates your skin for a refreshed look all day long.

3. Use an Eye Contour Product

Use an eye contour product for your eye. It will unblock your pores, reduce bags under your eyes, and also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you younger-looking skin.

4. Cleanse Your Face

Clean your face when you wake up in the morning, and also when you go to sleep at night. Use a gentle cleanser on your face to clean off any impurities or dirt from your face to allow your skin to breathe better.

5. Apply a Night Cream

After applying your cleanser, allow your skin to repair itself by using a nourishing night cream. Pick a cream that has needed vitamins, fatty acids, and hydrating substances.

6. Bring Changes in your Lifestyle

Add exercise as an integral part of your day. You should at least do a workout session for 30 minutes that will improve your blood circulation and purify it to give you a glowing skin.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

An average human should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It not only flushes out toxins from your body but also hydrates and nourishes your skin. Similarly, take adequate sleep that is important for your health, refreshed skin, and internal glow.

8. Never Forget to Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen protects you from sun damage and prevents dull skin, dark spots, and early ageing. For the best results, you can try the new L'Oréal Paris UV Perfect UV Protector Transparent SPF 50+ (Non-Tinted). It protects the skin against brown spots, darkening and premature ageing. This expert UV protection is suitable for all skin types, even in maximum humidity for Indian summers.

9. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliate your skin at once or twice a day. The daily wear and tear often accumulates dead skin on your face making it withered and patchy. You can use a scrub or L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence which gently exfoliates the skin of any impurities.

10. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Any sort of intoxicating adversely affects the skin. Too much alcohol and smoking often accelerates the growth of wrinkles of your face leaving you with dull face and complexion.

While flawless skin depends a lot on your genetics, you can still control it by adopting some healthy habits and taking adequate care. Following a basic skincare routine and adopting a healthy lifestyle will make a huge difference in your skin and giving you a glowing and flawless look.

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