Skin Care

10 beauty tips to regain radiant and glowing skin

Though it sounds difficult, maintaining and even regaining radiant skin is not rocket science.

It's just a disciplined effort of following the right skincare regime and avoiding habits that can be detrimental. Here is a list of 10 beauty tips that can help you regain your lost charm and glow.

1. Pollution, smoking, make-up and dead skin cells suffocate the epidermis, which is an open invitation to blemishes, acne and breakouts. To prevent it, you must follow a routine that opens your pores and remove the impurities. Following a daily regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) is the least you should do for your skin. Clean your face with a moisturizing face wash, apply a toner and finish the ritual with a moisturizer. Follow this CTM routine at least twice a day to get the best results.

2. Every week, exfoliate your skin to reduce the effect of pollution and makeup. Use a brightening scrub that will remove dead skin, stimulate cutaneous microcirculation and allow your cells to breathe through the improved supply of oxygen.

3. Improved blood circulation enhances the glow of the skin. Once in a while, give your skin a facial massage with the tips of your fingers by performing circular movements on the cheeks, the forehead and the brow bone. This will tone your face and oxygenate your skin.

4. In between your busy schedule, use thermal water or flower water atomizer on your face for instant freshness. It soothes the tired skin and gives it a glow.

5. If your skin is dry, or make-up and pollution are sucking out the moisture from your skin, get a hydrating treatment depending on the weather and your skin type. You can look for products that have active ingredients to boost cell renewal and act as an exfoliator and moisturizer. You can try the new L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence that penetrates 10 layers deep into your skin to boost skin cell renewal and gives you a youthful, glowing and hydrated skin. The Micro Essence contains active ingredients like Salicylic Acid which accelerates skin renewal & mildly exfoliates to refine pores & skin texture, and Centella Asiatica which repairs your skin and reduces wrinkles.

6. You can also pep up your complexion by using the right combination of make-up products like illuminators, rose blusher, pearl powder, etc. However, go for a natural look and buy products that are light on your skin and that allow your skin to breathe.

7. Always use sunscreen after cleaning and moisturizing your skin. A sunscreen forms a protective layer to save your skin cells against sun damage while preventing skin problems like early ageing, dark spots and dull skin. You can try the L'Oréal UV Perfect Matte & Fresh which is suitable for all skin types’ including oily skin and has a matte & fresh finish. UV Perfect Matte & Fresh is perfect sunscreen for Indian weather as it contains mattified kaolin clay to absorb excess sweat and work in maximum humidity.

8. Maintain a healthy diet as it is the foundation of glowing skin. Take an antioxidant-rich diet comprising of leafy vegetable, fruits and dry fruits. Avoid spicy and oily food that can be a reason for breakouts and acne. Have a healthy, balanced, varied and timely diet that helps you remain healthy and your skin glowing.

9. Similarly, having a healthy lifestyle is equally important for your skin. Take adequate sleep and rest. Maintain a habit of daily exercise, yoga and meditation. Spend some time in fresh air and sunlight and reduce the exposure of screens and electronics.

10. Water has the ability to flush out toxins and give you a glowing complexion and healthy skin. Drink at least eight glass of water in a day and more if your body requires. Avoid alcohol and smoking, which are the biggest enemies of your skin, making it dull and dry. You can infuse your water with mint, cucumber and chia seeds that would clear your blood and give you fresh, smooth skin.

These simple yet essential tips, can not only clear your skin of any impurities but also give you a soft glowing and youthful look.