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Fight The Flab With These Easy Arm-toning Exercises

Fight The Flab With These Easy Arm-toning Exercises

Standing up or sitting down, keep your arms by your side, with your elbows bent at a right angle. Put a weight (or full bottle of water) in each hand. Hold them with your palms facing upwards. Breathe in deeply and exhale whilst fully bending your arms. Slowly go back to the starting position, so that your arms slightly resist the weights. Repeat 50 times.

Now time to work your triceps. We don't use our triceps as much as other muscles, which means their skin quickly slackens and sags. The best technique? Stand with your feet at shoulder width and bend over so that your torso's parallel with the floor. Keep your arms close to your sides. Bend your elbows and hold your weights up against your collar bones. Breathe in deeply and exhale whilst moving your hands downwards and backwards. Slowly stretch out your elbows, keeping your arms close to your sides. Count to ten and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 30 times.

To firm up your shoulders and cleavage, you'll need to work their rotator muscles. It's quick and easy to do: stand up straight, hold in your tummy and squeeze your buttocks together. Hold a weight in each hand. Imagine your head's been held up by a string. Hold out your arms to the side, without bending your elbows. Slowly rotate your shoulders, bringing them up to your ears. Return to the starting position. Slowly continue these rotations (take a few seconds) and repeat 50 times.

Arm skin is thin and fragile, particularly on the inside. It can quickly lose muscle tone and sag. So as well as working out, treat your arms to regular, firming massages with a cream or oil. Nowadays there are plenty of firming creams that kick-start collagen-producing fibroblasts. The best technique is to start with your elbow and massage up towards your armpit. It works best if you hold out your arms whilst you massage.

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