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Fancy A Stroll?

Fancy A Stroll?

Walking regularly and progressively upping the distance also lowers blood pressure. It keeps our arteries healthy so that blood and oxygen easily reach our hearts.

Brisk walking and flexing our arches helps blood flow up to our hearts. It tones up our veins and improves circulation, preventing venous stasis, a condition that causes varicose veins and heavy leg syndrome.

Diets works best when combined with exercise. Walking burns calories. Fats and sugars are converted to energy rather than clinging to our bums and thighs. It's also helps to prevent diabetes. We recommend a brisk 45 minute walk, at a rate of 7-8 kph. In other words, walk about twice as a fast as your usual pace. By walking, your heart will reach up to 70% of its maximum rate.

Walking uses lots of muscles. It strengthens our legs and thighs, as well as our back, stomach and arm muscles. And taking large strides is a great butt-lifter. To get maximum muscle-toning benefits, walk tall, keep your tummy in and look ahead, rather than at your feet. Move your arms as you walk, keeping your elbows slightly bent so that your shoulders also get a work-out.

Walking only requires moderate endurance and helps to keep our cardio-vascular, circulatory and lymphatic systems in shape. Plus it improves our stamina. And clears out our lungs! Finally, walking is fun way to prevent serious illnesses such as colon and breast cancer.

Morning walks help synchronise our body clocks and boost serotonin production - serotonin being the neurotransmitter that governs our moods. And fresh air leaves our cheeks with a rosy glow! Release stress Walking for at least 15 minutes clears our head, calms us down and keeps us inspired. If you're feeling stuck in a rut, go for a walk - as any author will tell you when faced with writer's block.

Walking oxygenates our bodies, brains included. It stimulates cognitive functions, whilst improving concentration and memory.

Walking helps digestion by loosening our stomachs and guts. Meals are more quickly digested. And when we jiggle our intestines, bowel function improves.

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