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Energy Boosting Foods that Whip Us into Shape!

Energy Boosting Foods that Whip Us into Shape!

You already know that your diet plays a huge role in your physique. Spending hours at the gym will do little to no good to your body if you do not fuel it with nutritious food. Here are the top energy boosting foods that will help you get back in shape.

1. Aloe vera
Aloe vera has numerous detoxifying and anti-inflammatory components. Its fleshy pulp helps our bodies to eliminate toxins and it effectively reduces energy-zapping chronic inflammation.

2. Probiotics
Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live in our guts and support our immune system. They help our intestines filter out toxic food waste and pollution. This allows our intestinal walls to absorb vitamins and minerals. Sauerkraut, yoghurts and miso are excellent sources of natural probiotics.

3. Ginseng
This superfood has kept the Chinese going since time immemorial. Packed with ginsenosides and vitamins C and B, it improves our body's physical and psychological performance. It helps us deal with stress, the cold and combats infections. Add a few slices to hot lemon juice for a morning pick-me-up.

4. Animal protein
Animal proteins contain two important amino acids - tyrosine and phenylalanine. They're essential if we're to keep our energy levels at a max during the day. They're both precusors of dopamine and noradrenalin, the neuromediators that govern our internal engine. The first fires it up and the second works as our biological accelerator. A nutritional Formula 1 team! You'll find high levels in turkey, chicken, ham, eggs, red meat and shellfish.

5. Pollen
You can easily find this in health food shops. It's bursting with vitamin C and phenylalanine. What's more, it balances our body's acid-base, which in turn regulates our energy flow. If bought frozen and stored in a freezer, fresh pollen doesn't lose any of its nutritional benefits.

6. Guarana
Guarana is an anti-fatigue super-stimulant that contains five times more caffeine than coffee. A couple of sips and your body will be instantly turbo-charged. It doesn't just wake up our bodies but also increase alertness. It's a life-saver if you've got a long, hard day ahead of you!

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