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Diet Tips: 10 Ways To Lose The Winter Flab!

Diet Tips: 10 Ways To Lose The Winter Flab!

Our sleep patterns affect our weight. If we get less than 6 and half hours sleep (the time it takes to recuperate from our day), our hormones get thrown out of kilter, which can lead to weight gain. So eat a light meal in the evening and let your body digest for a couple of hours before hitting the sack.

Whether you're on a diet or not, it's important to drink lots of water. If we're fighting the flab, fruit and herbal teas are an excellent choice. They drain and purify our bodies and combat cellulite. Thyme, cinnamon and lemon teas also help our bodies to burn up fat.

With spring on its way, it's time to look at our diet and cut down on pasta and potatoes. Pile your plate with asparagus, leeks, spinach, celery and radishes. Raw, cooked, mashed, as a gratin or soup... Whatever you choose, veggies should be at the top of your shopping list.

Detoxes are great for getting rid of toxins that have built up over winter. Aim to eat a diet that's 50% liquids and 50% solids, for example white meat and veg for lunch and quinoa with veg for dinner. And drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

Spas, saunas... Heat and steam suck out toxins and purify our bodies. And once your pores are unclogged, your skin will better absorb your moisturiser.

We all love going outside once the cold weather eases up! Aim to do a 30 minute walk every day to give your sluggish metabolism a boost. And you don't need to tramp across fields - walk to work, leave the car at home when you head to the shops...

Each essential oil has specific properties! Grapefruit, cedar and bay leaf essential oils are brilliant fat burners. If you want to firm up your skin, then opt for geranium and rosewood essential oils.

Magnesium is an essential part of a healthy diet. If we don't get enough our appetite increases to make up for the loss of energy and the physiological stress that a lack of magnesium creates. So eat lots of magnesium-rich food!

Zap orange peel skin and boost your circulation by using 'palpate and roll', lymphatic drainage and endermologie massage techniques.

Don't go overboard if you decide to diet and don't skip meals - if you do your body will go into 'famine mode' and stock up rather than burn calories. So make sure you eat regularly - breakfast, lunch and dinner with a tea time snack if needs be.

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