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Brush Up On the Latest Cleansing Trends!

Brush Up On the Latest Cleansing Trends!

First there was soap, then came body washes and facewashes. And you stocked up your bathroom with all three, to get the perfect cleanse every time. But are you sure you are on top of your cleansing game? Here are 4 new cleansing tools and products that you might want to brush up on.

1. Electric Cleansing Brushes
Its claim - A brush that removes all impurities, boosts circulation and relaxes our features.
How does it work? Its vibrating bristles deeply cleanse pores and improve skin's elasticity.
Note: it works best if you've already removed your make up.
The result - Its exfoliating action removes dead skin cells in order to unclog pores.
Added plus - An even skin tone, alongside baby-soft, glowing skin.

2. Konjac Sponge
Its claim - A natural sponge made from Konjac roots that removes dead cells and gently boosts cell regeneration. Plus you don't need to use any soap!
How does it work? You just need to dampen the sponge and massage it around your face using small, circular movements. 100% natural, it gently but deeply cleanses and exfoliates our skin. These sponges also have antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
The result - They deeply cleanse skin without causing any irritation.
Added Plus -Konjac sponges are suited to all skin types, including those of you who suffer from eczema or psoriasis.

3. Cleansing Cream
Its claim - Thicker than lotions or micellar water, cleansing creams come in a handy pot and deeply cleanse without causing red patches or tight skin. They work a treat on sensitive and easily irritated skin.
How do they work? Cleansing creams are easily applied with (clean!) fingertips - just massage your cream onto your face and neck using circular movements to loosen any impurities. Once done, rinse it off with warm water.
The result - Well-nourished, soothed skin that only gets better over time.

4. Cleansing Mitt
Its claim - An eco-friendly cleansing mitt that cleans skin, whilst regulating sebum production on oily skin and stimulating sebum production on drier skin. Cleansing mitts also work well on acne-prone skin.
How does it work? Run your glove under cold or warm water and wipe your face using large, circular movements so that it traps any grime/make up in its fibres.
The result - Squeaky clean, gently exfoliated skin. Cleansing mitts boost cell renewal and leave us with a lovely, healthy glow.

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