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9 golden rules for a PreChristmas detox

9 golden rules for a PreChristmas detox

Cut down on fatty foods and sugar. Avoid ready-made food and steer clear of your favourite cake shop. You can get your fill of protein-packed, delicious meals by eating lots of poultry, fish and seafood. With a good serving of green vegetables to stock up on vitamins and fibre.

Fruits and raw veggies are harder to digest and irritate our digestive system. Once cooked, they'll be less acid and give your innards a rest.

If you want to cut your digestive system some slack, all you need to do is eat the same food for 24 hours. This will allow your body to use 30% more of its energy to get rid of toxins. A good time to start is Sunday evening and finish on Monday evening. Ideal foods include apples, rice, bananas, quinoa and grapes.

Salt is everywhere. Not just in our salt shaker but also in cold meats and ready-made dishes. When we eat too much salt, it causes water retention, particularly in our legs and ankles. Even if you love salty food, try to enjoy the natural flavour of your meal before reaching for your salt shaker.

Found in bread and cereals, gluten can cause stomach bloating. Try a gluten-free diet for a change.

The good bacteria in our digestive system largely govern our health. Keep up your probiotic levels by eating yoghurts and sauerkraut (tasty, fermented cabbage!).

As with birch juice, black radish detoxes the liver. So prep your liver for Christmas and the New Year, when it's likely to be put to the test!

Drink gallons, opting for detoxifying ingredients such as thyme. Our tip: add fresh lime juice to a glass of warm water to flush out toxins!

This nourishing blue algae is a nutritional powerhouse that also eradicates toxins. Mix a tablespoon into a yoghurt or compote.

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