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7 Myths About Hair Removal

7 Myths About Hair Removal

FALSE: Although this is most effective method of hair removal in the long run, these techniques don't remove it forever. In fact, you'll find that you will usually be 80% to 90% hair-free for about five years, rather than for a lifetime.

TRUE: Laser hair removal is not limited to fair skins with dark body hair. Your body hair needs to be dark, but the devices used will cater for all skin colours. Which means that olive and black skins (with dark hair) can benefit from its use. But it needs to be done with care, so as to avoid skin depigmentation!

FALSE: Only razors risk drying out your skin. Your epidermis will quickly recover from waxing, electric razors or lasers, which only target the roots.

FALSE: You can remove body hair as usual, just so long as you choose the product wisely. Certain ingredients, such as essential oils found in hair removal creams, should be avoided.

FALSE: Don't touch ingrown hairs. If you start to excavate your skin with a pair of tweezers you'll risk irritating or infecting your skin.

TRUE: This one's not a myth! Instead of pulling out hairs, electric razors can break the shaft, which will then grow back under the skin.

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