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5 Ways To Avoid Tired Legs All Summer Long

5 Ways To Avoid Tired Legs All Summer Long

Being sedentary for long hours at a stretch is the worst thing for tired legs. If you have a desk job, you are seated and inactive for the most part of the day. Poor blood circulation to your legs can make them feel tired and heavy. This can make you feel fatigued which in turn makes you even more inactive and the cycle continues. Here are some simple ways to soothe tired legs this summer.

1. Go For a Walk

One of the simplest ways to make sure your pins feel as light as a feather this summer is to stay active. Even something as simple as going for a walk can increase blood flow to the lower half of your body. Avoid sitting or lying down for long periods at a time. If your work involves you sitting down at a desk and working on a computer, try to take out 5 minutes every hour to walk around your office. Maybe grab a cup of coffee or a glass of water, anything that gets your moving. You can also get a standing desk to avoid being seated all day. Piling a couple of boxes or big books can also do the trick. When you’re not working, enjoy the fine weather and go for a stroll outside, or if you hit the beach, take a wander along the shore instead dozing off on the sand. Other activities like swimming and cycling also stimulate your blood flow and reduce the heaviness you feel in your legs.

2. Lower Your Body Temperature

The sun and high temperatures dilate blood vessels and can cause water retention in your legs, making them feel heavy. But cooling down can combat the effects and help relieve tired legs. If you're by the sea, go for a paddle up to your knees. And when you shower, finish with a blast of cold water from your feet up to your waist. Post shower, you can also try a gel-based mint decongestant oil or gel to have a great cooling effect.

3. Massage Your Legs

A quick massage at the end of the day will prevent any swelling due to the compression of your veins. Start with a rolling massage, working from ankles to thighs, vigorously rubbing your tired legs with the palms of your hands. Then grip your ankle with both hands and smooth up your leg while applying gentle pressure.

4. Try Natural Supplements

There's a huge array of plants with decongestive and draining properties that can be bought in capsule form, or as fruit or herbal tea. Try red vine, meadowsweet, cherry stems, and ginkgo biloba. They can be taken as a preventative measure or as part of a cure.

5. Wear the right footwear

If you're prone to tired legs during the summer, avoid wearing strappy shoes that tie around the ankle, stiletto heels, or flat shoes. Instead, opt for sandals (including platforms) that don't strap around the ankle and have a small heel.

Tired legs can have a lot of different causes and can affect different people differently. Muscle soreness and cramps are some easy signs that indicate your legs need a boost of energy or some rest. Practice the tips mentioned above regularly to prevent tired legs. But if your leg pains are severe or have been bothering you for a long time, please speak to a doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

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