Zap Wrinkles With Phototherapy Hero

Skin Care Zap Wrinkles with Phototherapy

Phototherapy is a technique where light waves of different lengths are directed at our skin. The length of the rays can be adjusted according to the patient's needs - to rejuvenate skin, treat cutaneous problems, perform luminotherapy or to ease muscular pain. The LED light used is weaker than a laser and the light photons applied vary according to the treatment: red beams to reduce wrinkles and erase scars or blue to deal with dermatological problems such as acne, eczema, dermatitis...

The great news is that phototherapy can help zap wrinkles, without us resorting to surgery or injections! It's a painless, anti-ageing miracle treatment that reduces wrinkles by using a beneficial light source, which doesn't have the damaging effects of the sun's rays. A 630mm LED beam can penetrate as far as the hypodermis to stimulate collagen production. It boosts cell renewal and improves skin's elasticity. Result: lines, wrinkled skin, red patches and scars are visibly reduced! Anti-ageing light treatments brighten skin, even out its texture, boost circulation and prevent the production of enzymes that cause skin to age.

Phototherapy doesn't just target scarred and wrinkled skin. By stimulating collagen production, it's great for skin problems such as stretch marks, rosacea and psoriasis. To treat these conditions a 415mm beam is used to reach the dermis and destroy bacteria or reduce inflammation, soothing our skin in the process. It can also be used on hair to treat scalp problems and stimulate hair regrowth.