Skin Care Why Royal Jelly Delivers Skin Fit For A Queen

A small spoonful of pure royal jelly, the 'superfood' that worker bees feed to their queen, will allow your body to absorb its active ingredients. Try dissolving it in fruit juice to offset its tart flavour. Pure jelly is sold in small jars that keep it fresh for several months in a fridge. It is a real boost and is thought to help enhance concentration, support the immune system, combat stress, and balance hormones.

Try royal jelly in capsule or ampoule form for a more concentrated dose. Take it daily for two to three weeks at a time, twice or three times a year, or more often if necessary. It is extra-beneficial in autumn when winter looms and your immune system is under pressure. Royal jelly can help you to fight colds, increase physical endurance, combat stress, and boost sleep quality. For an even more effective pick-me-up, combine it with propolis, honey, pollen, and essential oils for a 100% natural remedy.

The popularity of organic and natural products is on the rise, so royal jelly is now a favoured cosmetic ingredient. It's everywhere, in serums, day and night creams, scrubs, and face masks. For example, the Hydra Fresh Anti-Ox Night Mask-In Jelly strengthens the skin barrier to maintain optimal hydration levels. Day after day, your skin feels more bouncy and supple and looks more radiant.

Royal jelly is packed with vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins, it restores suppleness, smoothness, and firmness, and helps to brighten the skin. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant action, it also helps fight the signs of ageing. Try it for a flawless complexion, whatever your age.