Which night cream is best for me ?

We all dream of waking up as fresh as a daisy, with clear skin, and a radiant complexion. So how can you make those dreams become a reality? With the right night cream, you really could be waking up with perfect skin.


The importance of a good night cream

Even if we remember to hydrate our skin in the morning, we don't always remember to do it in the evening. A big mistake! Night creams are essential for improving the quality of our skin, which renews itself while we sleep. During the night, our skin uses this period of inactivity to repair the damage caused by external aggressors such as pollution, tobacco, sun, and stress. As a result, our skin renews itself three times more quickly during the night than during the day. And this cell renewal reaches a peak between 2 A.M. and 4 A.M. So it’s best to make the most of this time!

Sleeping with makeup on is a big no-no

In the long term, if you don't remove your makeup and cleanse daily, spots will appear, caused by an excess of sebum, as well as premature wrinkles and blocked pores. This will result in a dull and lifeless complexion. Your skin will be parched. Makeup removers not only cleanse the skin and remove it of impurities, but most products also help to keep it soft, supple, and hydrated.

Night cream is essential

Night creams help to destroy free radicals, repair the damage caused during the day, and combat the signs of ageing. Before the age of 25, a night cream is not of much use. But from the age of 30, your skin needs a little extra care and you can take your pick from a whole variety of products to suit your skincare needs - anti-wrinkle, regenerating, anti-fatigue, hydrating, etc. Mature skins need certain active ingredients to fight the signs of aging, such as vitamin C, AHAs, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid. To increase the effectiveness of your night cream, apply a serum underneath first, which has a highly concentrated blend of these active ingredients.

If you are looking for a night cream that regenerates the skin overnight, reduces skin darkening, and refines skin texture, try the White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment Cream by L’Oréal Paris. The Procystin in the Clinical Overnight Treatment Cream neutralizes free radicals and acts to reduce melanin formation whereas the Bio-Peeling Ex unloads darkened cells for a brightened and refined skin texture. Day after day, skin tone looks brighter and more even, the skin’s radiance is revealed and skin texture becomes more refined.


Don’t forget your under eye cream

This ultra-delicate under-area needs daily hydration to remove signs of fatigue and diminish the telltale signs of ageing. From the age of 20, you can start using an eye contour product to hydrate, give volume, and smooth fine lines. Eyes are sensitive and they need specially formulated products with non-irritating active ingredients.

Just like your skincare in the morning, your night time skin care routine should be simple and target all your skin concerns. Follow these few simple skin care steps at night time to wake up with perfect skin the next morning!