Skin Care Useful Beauty Tips that We Pinched From Our Mums

Always remove your make up before hitting the sack, even if you've crawled in at the crack of dawn!

Don't heavily make up your mouth and eyes. It's one or the other: Think "less is more”

Moisturise your face morning and night - no negotiation on this one.

Don't wash your hair everyday, otherwise you'll increase your scalp's sebum production.

Drink lots of water: it's good for the body, hence your skin. Apply a hand cream before going to bed, to keep your hands looking young.

Smile when you apply your blusher to help find the top of your cheekbones.

Brush your hair before going to bed (although you don't need to do 100 strokes)
File, don't cut your nails. Remove excess lipstick with a tissue, so it doesn't stick to your teeth.

Finish your shower with a blast of cold water, to tone your skin and zap cellulite. Give your nails a breather between manicures (ditto for pedicures) Use a straw when drinking soft drinks, to avoid staining your teeth.

Don't touch your zits...leave them alone and apply a suitable treatment.

Sleep on your back, so you don't crumple your cleavage.

Never pluck out grey or white hair.

Avoid using a razor to remove body hair, even if it's cheap and fast.

Keep some cornflower water in your fridge to decongest your eyes (especially after a good sob)