Skin Care Understanding Menopausal Skin

At what age can we expect to reach menopause? Around 51, menopause-associated hormonal changes put our skin through the mill. The proof...?

First of all, there are outward signs. Our skin loses density – a bit like a hard mattress that loses its support. Next, we start to get dry skin and our wrinkles begin to dig in their heels. All of which boils down to hormonal changes.

At the same time, science has defined changes that happen on a deeper level. Our body's cellular network becomes less efficient and from age 50 onwards, cell renewal drops by 40%. Our skin cells begin to lack energy and vitality.

This explains why the skin starts to thin during menopause. Our skin needs more than treatments designed to treat its upper layers if we want it to remain healthy and toned.

Firstly, menopause isn't the end of the world. Secondly, it comes at a time of life when we're generally at ease with ourselves and our bodies and have the time to spoil and pamper ourselves!

To plump up and boost our complexion, cosmetic labs have designed a wealth of products to help mollycoddle our menopausal skin, such as serums, day/night creams, and eye contour treatments with formulae aimed at tackling fragile, menopausal, dry skin. Modern formulae are constantly striving to increase cell renewal.

Active ingredients, including pro-xylane, vitelline, and hyaluronic acid, slow down ageing and protect our skin's mother cells. When applied regularly, they will gradually tone up the skin and help keep it moisturised. As for choosing the right texture, opt for ultra-soothing, softening, and nourishing formulae to help comfort dry skin.

The L’Oréal Paris Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Icy Gel has a watery gel texture that instantly hydrates the skin and reduces sebum excess for a long-lasting, shine-free look. This gel has 8x higher zinc concentration, an active mineral known for its powerful sebum-regulation properties as well as micro-sponge technology, which helps absorb the sebum excess.

Used daily, the L’Oréal Paris Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Icy Gel hydrates the skin and mattifies and tightens pores. It makes your skin feel fresh, supple, comfortable, softer, and more radiant.

Use daily on a perfectly cleansed skin and avoid contact with eyes.