Perfect Your Cleavage For The Summer Article

Skin Care Turn your bathroom into a Moroccan spa

What better way to chill out than enjoying a Moroccan hammam session from the comfort of your own bathroom? First of all, turn on the hot water in your bath or shower and let it run until its steam hits 50°C. Obviously, don't get in! Sit back and let the steam soothe your muscles. What's more, it'll gently purify your body as you begin to sweat out any toxins. A Moroccan hammam steam is a wonderfully luxurious way to lift tired spirits or give your body a boost when the seasons change.

Once you've had a good steam, it's time to cleanse your body before you scrub. Originating in Essaouira, Moroccan black soap is a 100% natural beauty booster. Packed with vitamin E, this soap softens and exfoliates skin. It's odourless and can be used on all skin types, sensitive skin included. It comes as a smooth paste made from a blend of oils and crushed black olives. Its pH is close to that of skin, meaning it gently cleans, scrubs, purifies and hydrates the epidermis.

Kessa gloves are at the heart of any Moroccan beauty routine. They're an exotic trick of the trade when it comes to silky soft skin. Made from a rough, crepe textile, they're perfect for getting rid of dead skin cells, whilst giving your circulation a kick start. Combined with Moroccan black soap, it's a sure fire way to get soft, glowing skin without setting foot outside your door!

Produced from the fruits of the Moroccan argan tree, argan oil is packed with omega 6, vitamin E and antioxidants. It's 100% natural, non-oily in texture, suited to all skin types and quickly absorbed. Apply a few drops of argan oil every day after your bath/shower, paying attention to drier areas such as your elbows and knees. It's also a wrinkle buster: gently massage it on to your face and neck to reduce wrinkles and improve your skin's elasticity.

Rhassoul mud is actually a natural, mineral clay that can be used on both the body and hair. It's soft and doesn't contain surfactants, unlike most shampoos and soaps. It contains tiny particles that absorb dirt and grease. It's easy to rinse off and deserves pride of place in every girl's bathroom cabinet!

Arabic women use alun stones as natural deodorants. Nowadays you'll find it listed on the ingredients used in organic deodorants. All you need to do is dampen it and rub it on to your armpits. It kills bacteria and gets rid of sweaty smells. It can also be used after hair removal to slow down hair re-growth.

Floral waters have been used for ages, thanks to their skin-loving benefits: rose and orange flower water are two Moroccan favourites. Rose water helps skin to regenerate and women use it as an anti-ageing treatment that soothes, tones and firms up skin. It's also a great make up remover that gently cleans and moisturises skin. Orange flower water is known for its softening, calming properties.

This spice is a free radical killer. It permanently zaps facial blemishes and gets rid of blackheads once and for all! How? Mix up some turmeric with flour, olive oil (to moisturise) and milk (to soften). Apply it as a sumptuous face mask for a gorgeous, dewy complexion! Just make sure you use a good quality turmeric - it needs to be at least 95% pure.

As with argan oil, prickly pear oil is rich in fatty acids. It's a natural beauty star ingredient. An anti-ageing superhero, it deeply moisturises skin. Its vitamin E and essential fatty acid content means it nourishes and tones skin, promotes healing and improves firmness.