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Wondering why we crave steaming hot winter warmer food during the cold months?

Wondering why we crave steaming hot winter warmer food during the cold months?

Leave salads, sushi and your ploughman's lunch for summertime. Why? Well it's fairly logical: our bodies need to keep warm during colder months and they draw on their reserves in order to do so. If we eat cold or raw foods, our bodies have to expend energy in order to heat them up before they can be digested. Precious energy that we need to see us through a harsh time of year. And when our biological batteries are running low, we're more likely to catch a variety of winter bugs. So, the best way to help our bodies is to tuck into winter warmer hot dishes!

Keep up your energy levels by piling your plate with fatigue-zapping foods: energy-boosting dried fruits, citrus fruits for their vitamin C, oily fish for vitamin D, seafood that's packed with magnesium, wholegrain cereals containing complex carbohydrates, green vegetables for their folic acid and iron-rich black pudding.

We tend to drink lots in summer to combat dehydration, but then slack off during winter. Which is a big mistake, as cold weather, central heating and temperature changes all dehydrate our bodies. Remember to drink at least 1.5l of water a day (or warming teas) and prepare dishes that contain lots of water. Yummy bowls of hot soup to the rescue!

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