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What can adenosine do for my mature skin?

What can adenosine do for my mature skin?

Hormonal disruption brought on by the menopause does not go unnoticed on your mature skin. The production of collagen; which represents 70% of supportive tissue; decreases, as well as that of elastin. Cell renewal happens more slowly, leading to sagging in the epidermis: muscles sag and the face's volume changes. And that's not all. Expression lines become more marked and deepen at the forehead and crow's feet, folds appear around the mouth, dark spots multiply and the skin gets more fragile.

Skin aging is of course inevitable, but it is possible to slow down and reduce the visibility of these signs of passing time. A nod must be made to global anti aging products, which can tackle all forehead issues. Choose formulas that act on repair mechanisms and aging factors at the same time. The aim? Better hydration, action against sagging facial contours, improved skin density and a more radiant complexion. Stimulate the skin before applying the product with small tapping movements to activate microcirculation, especially around the edges of the face, and boost cell renewal.

Adenosine is a highly effective anti aging active ingredient. It penetrates deep into the skin to put the brakes on enzymes' action on collagen, thus increasing collagen production, and to boost elastin production for firmer, denser skin. Adenosine also stimulates cell energy to shake up your metabolism and increase blood flow to the outer layers of the skin: skin microcirculation is thus reactivated and the skin gets back its natural blush and glow. Finally, this ingredient is effective against wrinkles, and particularly against crow's feet and the lion's wrinkle, reducing them for the long term and ensuring smoother, softer skin. The result: visibly younger skin, peachy complexion and a fresh, radiant, rested face!

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