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What Are The Alternatives To Injections To Plump Up My Tear Trough?

What Are The Alternatives To Injections To Plump Up My Tear Trough?

The tear trough is located between the upper part of the nose and the cheekbones, where tears fall before rolling down the cheeks. This fatty area is the first to sag, creating nasolabial folds just below. This hollow; a tell-tale sign of aging; appears with age and can make you look unhappy and tired, which is only corrected when you smile, as this raises up your features. Hyaluronic acid injections are highly effective in remodelling these features: in just a few sessions, the cavity is filled in and the face looks rounder and healthier. But for those who are understandably averse to needles, there are solutions other than the hyaluronic acid injection to try in order to achieve the ideal eye contour.

1. Radio frequency skin tightening
This method stimulates your own collagen more than 1cm deep by heating up skin tissue. In 3 to 5 sessions, the face is remodelled for the long term.

2. IPL sessions
This treatment will not fill in your tear trough, but will, in 4 or 5 sessions, correct the colour of the skin under the eyes so that eye bags are less visible and less marked.

3. Peels
This technique is less widely used because it is the most abrasive for the skin. But the results are amazing: skin peels create a new, smoother, suppler, firmer skin. As this area of the face is very sensitive because the skin is very fine, one session is enough to do the trick.

4. Fractional laser resurfacing
This method stimulates the dermis to firm up the skin while leaving the epidermis intact. There may be some redness in the following days, but nothing some makeup can't camouflage. 4 to 5 sessions are needed for optimal results.

5. Hyaluronic acid creams
Daily application of a hyaluronic acid-based cream, the number 1 active ingredient to fill in wrinkles and hydrate and plump up the skin, will delay the signs of ageing in your tear troughs and help you hold on to plump and youthful skin for longer. For example, the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Anti-Ageing Day Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid that restores skin plumpness, fills up fine lines, reduces wrinkles, and re-firms the skin.

6. Makeup
This is a simple solution that can help to reduce or camouflage dark circles. The result is obviously only temporary. Choose a good anti-dark circles product that is slightly thicker and lighter than your usual foundation.

7. Food supplements
Supplements based on grape and blueberry bioflavonoids detox and drain the eye contour. Their formula has a draining effect and reduces the bluish colour of the eye contour.

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