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Time to up our SPF game

Time to up our SPF game

The sun in itself doesn't harm our health. But prolonged exposure to its rays does damage our skin. Sunburn means what it says - burnt skin, be it a pink glow or a second degree, blistering disaster. What's more UV rays cause more than just sunburn. They harm the deeper levels of our skin and damage our bodies as a whole. Our bodies' natural protection varies from person to person - a lot depends on our phototype and whether we tan easily or tend to burn. But, whatever our skin type, UV rays damage skin cells by harming their DNA chain. The result? A drop in melanin, collagen and elastin production. Over the years, prolonged exposure to the sun causes skin to quickly age - more wrinkles, deeper lines, liver spots, dry skin and loss of suppleness.

Winter, summer, rain or shine, no matter where you are, applying some form of sunscreen is essential. As spring moves to summer or when we're in urban areas, the best bet is to apply a face cream with SPF - early summer sunshine is damaging, so better safe than sorry. The great thing about these two-in-ones is that you don't have to layer on a cream followed by a separate sunscreen! These multi-taskers moisturise our skin whilst protecting it from UVA and UVB rays. Meaning we keep the wrinkles at bay! These treatments usually contain an SPF that ranges from 15 (medium protection) to 35 (high protection) and can be applied to our faces, necks, cleavage and hands. But be warned that if you're out and about for more than a couple of hours, these creams won't be enough. Prolonged exposure requires a full blown sunscreen with a higher protection factor!

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