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SOS sensitive lips beware of the sun

SOS sensitive lips beware of the sun

Our lips may be our best seductive weapon, but they're also extremely vulnerable. Our lips require daily care, as their skin is the thinnest on the body and their nerve endings hypersensitive. They need moisturising, exfoliating and anti-ageing treatments. Both hot, sunny weather and cold, harsh winters can leave them painfully dry and chapped. However, applying a nourishing lip balm every morning to protect and every evening to nourish does them the world of good. After all, prevention is better than cure, and much less painful than a nasty case of sunburn or winter chap.

Fragile, nerve-packed lip skin is highly prone to sunburn and can be much more painful than the rest of the face. Sunburn can cause swelling, blistering and accelerate premature skin ageing, so it's essential to use a high SPF to combat these harmful effects. Opt for a balm that contains an SPF of 30, 40 or 50. Why? Because it will both moisturise your lips and protect them from UV rays. Which is why an SPF is invariably added to lip balm formulas, leaving you with a gorgeous, sexy smile.

Sunburnt lips are simply the pits. Drink plenty of water to cool the fire from within and to soothe any burnt skin and make sure you keep your lips moist. Apply a soothing balm to your lips to help repair any damage to the skin, but also to protect them from any more damage occuring. Lip balms such as those packed with ingredients including aloe vera, nutritious honey or shea butter are the ones to go for. Some say to avoid using lip products with vaseline or petroleum jelly, as they can trap the heat in your lips and make it feel even worse. Final tip: speed up the healing process by avoiding salty and spicy foods.

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