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SOS antipollution tips how do I protect my skin

SOS antipollution tips how do I protect my skin

On days with high pollution, just one application of makeup remover or a swipe of a makeup remover wipe is not enough. This is because when we move around the city, on public transport, fine harmful particles present in the air stick to our skin. In addition with this, our skin has to deal with makeup, bacteria and the sebum we produce. A suffocating combo, all in all, which in the long term can lead to imperfections, redness and tightness. What anti pollution measures can we take for our skin? It is essential to remove these particles from our skin with a double makeup removing routine. This should be a more advanced makeup remover technique, carried out in two stages to cleanse and purify the skin. First, rid the surface layer of the skin of this aggressive combo using a milk-type makeup remover or makeup remover oil which makes all impurities slip away in its oily texture. The second stage is deep cleansing the skin with a purifying gel or foam to put an end to any remaining bacteria or dirt.

Once the skin is clean, it is also important to choose a rich moisturiser full of antioxidants to protect the cutaneous barrier, both in the evening before going to sleep and in the morning, after a stimulating splash of toner on the face. In these extreme conditions, make sure you go for skin protection that contains an SPF, as an extra step towards doing everything to protect your skin!

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