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Skin Care Tips For 25 Year Olds: A Dangerous Time For Our Skin

Skin Care Tips For 25 Year Olds: A Dangerous Time For Our Skin

Crawling in at the crack of dawn, studying late, tossing and turning... Some nights are short! Really short! Which is why we wake up looking gaunt with puffy, red eyes, pimples and skin problems. The explanation is simple enough: our skin regenerates at night, particularly between 1 and 4am. Our skin loves it when we sleep, as it doesn't have to brave the elements and can take the time to repair itself.

But when we don't get enough shut-eye, our skin gets out of sync and can't fully regenerate.The solution? Aim to get at least 8 hours sleep a night and try to catch up on any sleep you've missed. You can also give your skin a helping hand by moisturising morning and night, giving it a good cleanse (even if it's 4am) and by going easy on the make-up so that your epidermis gets a breather.

Smoking a cigarette is like glugging down a pint of pollution in the space of a few minutes. With every puff, you'll expose your skin to heavy metals, tar, carbon, ammonia, acetone and around 3,500 harmful chemicals. Your skin will suffocate and look dull. It will also thin, break easily and fine lines around your mouth will crop up.

If that's not enough, free radical production caused by cigarettes will go in to overdrive, meaning your skin will prematurely age.The solution? Give up the cigs! Pumping your skin with antioxidants such as vitamin C, resveratrol and flavonoids will zap free radicals. You should also give your face a weekly scrub to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells and get back your glow. In other words oxygenate your skin!

A couple of glasses a week won't leave you with ruddy skin later in life, but all the same alcohol causes the veins on our cheeks, noses and cheeks to dilate. If you have sensitive skin it'll feel stretched, itchy and hot. With every knees up, these veins will gradually form red patches and dreaded thread veins will appear.The solutions?

Avoid going on benders! Without mentioning all the other risks, our skin can't handle excessive amounts of alcohol - binge drinking is a major culprit, no matter how much fun a night out with your mates can be. If you already have red blotches, use skincare products that contain anti-redness active ingredients such as rutin, ruscus extract and hemp.

We all love lazy days under a hot, summer sun. But UVA rays are our skin's mortal enemy! They cause free radicals that break down collagen and elastin fibres and attack our skin cells. The result: prematurely ageing skin with the appearance of wrinkles and liver spots. And that's not to mention the dreaded rebound effect when our skin breaks out in spots once autumn is at the door. So even if you've finished summer with a glorious tan, you'll regret the fact that you didn't protect your skin.The solution?

Apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50 throughout summer. And once back from your hols, get any moles or new freckles checked out by a dermatologist so that they can give you the all clear. To keep your skin glowing whilst your tan's fading, apply a scrub containing fruit acids or glycolic acid once or twice a week. This will boost your complexion and zap any zits without irritating your skin. Final skin care tip: slap on a moisturiser! This will replenish your skin's hydrolipidic layer, which will have been damaged during summer.

Chips, fizzy drinks, chocolate and ready meals = too much fat, too much sugar and too much salt. High calorie junk food piles on the pounds and ages skin. Collagen levels are affected when there's too much sugar in the bloodstream, making the dermis rigid and causing lines to appear. They'll raise their ugly heads when you're 25 rather than 30! Plus your skin will become dull and more opaque.The solution? Eat a healthy diet! Don't be tempted by your nearest greasy spoon.

Instead pile your plate with fish, green vegetables and foods bursting with vitamins and omega 3. You could also take a course of dietary supplements to give your body a beneficial boost. To avoid sallow skin, apply flavanoid-rich creams, which will prevent a process called glycation: green tea, resveratrol, red vine and cacao will all give your cheeks a healthy, rosy glow.

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