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Shea butter: a multi-purpose beauty booster

Shea butter: a multi-purpose beauty booster

Shea butter comes from a species of tree native to the plains of West Africa. Its fleshy fruit looks a bit like an avocado. Its sweet flesh is edible and the seed is pressed to obtain shea butter. Each tree produces around 20 kilos of this buttery paste a year. Known for its many health-boosting properties, shea butter has long-since been part of standard medical kits in parts of Africa - it can help soothe sprains, sore muscles and rheumatism. It's also widely used in homemade beauty treatments.

Shea butter is packed with active ingredients: latex, fatty acids as well as vitamins A, D, E and F. A moisturising superhero, it repairs, protects and deeply nourishes skin. It's also an effective anti-ageing weapon! Shea butter stimulates collagen production, which helps skin to remain supple and flexible. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, whilst minimising the appearance of liver spots. To apply shea butter, all you need to do is melt a bit on your hands and massage it in.

There are tons of ways shea butter can be used to help our skin:

- as an after-sun, to moisturise and regenerate our skin, so that we keep our golden glow for longer,
- in our bath water, so that we step out with velvety soft skin,
- to soothe skin irritated by hair removal,
- to soften and remove hard skin from our elbows and heels, thanks to its regenerative properties,
- as a preemptive strike against stretch marks,
- to soothe and protect our lips
- to repair chapped hands,
- to prevent and soothe muscle cramps during or after a work out

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