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Post-beach tips: look great in a flash!

Post-beach tips: look great in a flash!

We all want to wake up to flawless, plump, fresh, smoother skin. Indeed, it's probably the thing most women want. It's even entered popular culture - think of all the times you've seen films where women get up earlier than their partner to make sure they're pristine before the world wakes up. Silly isn't it? Yet it's somehow become ingrained in our psyche. The good news is that with today's beauty routines, we no longer need to be up with the larks. All you need to do is set aside a few minutes every day.

Cleansing is a golden rule if you want your skin to breathe and regenerate. But to wake up with a rosy glow, you'll need to do a bit more than wipe a flannel across your face before hitting the sack. Firstly you should remove your make up and cleanse your skin with suitable products. Lotions and face oils are a good bet. Both coat our skin, meaning they're able to dissolve make up and impurities. What's more, they're applied with the fingertips, meaning our faces benefit from a gentle massage. Smooth your cleanser evenly over your face and massage it in using small, circular movements. You can also try some digitopuncture by concentrating on the pressure points on your cheeks, forehead, temples and chin. This will boost your circulation before you crawl under the covers. Follow by removing any remaining grime with a facial mousse or purifying gel. This step is essential if you want your skin to absorb all the goodness in your night cream.

Once your skin is squeaky clean, it's time for a treatment to help it regenerate overnight. Go for a comprehensive treatment that covers all bases: one that moisturises, balances sebum levels and prevents oxidative stress. Once, again use this time to give your face a gentle massage. By boosting your bloodflow, it will better penetrate your pores and be quickly absorbed.

After last night's good deeds, you'll wake up to naturally plumped skin. And a healthy glow! You're almost there... All that's left to do is apply a toning lotion. This will wake up your skin, get rid of any impurities accumulated during the night, prepare your skin for a day cream and, last but not least, help you look dewy and fresh all day long.

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