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Myth Busting About The Tear Trough

Myth Busting About The Tear Trough

Tear troughs are not dark circles. They are located just below, between the cheekbones and the nose. It is where tears fall before rolling down the cheeks. This fatty area is the first to sag when the face loses its elasticity, creating nasolabial folds just below. This sagging can make you look unhappy and tired and is only corrected when you smile, as it raises up your features.

When we age, we lose the collagen under our eyes, where the skin is very fine and fragile, which in turn creates dark circles, bags and tear troughs. But aging is not the only cause; your genes are also a factor, as are the causes of reduced lymphatic draining, such as tobacco, alcohol, stress and lack of sleep.

Injections carried out at dermatology practices are highly effective at reshaping sagging facial features: hyaluronic acid can be injected to fill in the tear trough triangle. The injection is practically painless, with no bruising or swelling, and the substance dissolves after 18 months. The result is immediate: the cavity is filled in and the face looks more plumped, rested and fresh. The rejuvenating effect is spectacular, and all that without going under the scalpel!

For those averse to needles, there are several other solutions to reduce the tear trough and create a smoother eye contour. Like radio frequency, which stimulates collagen production, skin peels that create smoother, firmer skin, IPL, which can correct the colour of your dark circles, and fractional laser resurfacing, which stimulates the epidermis to firm up the skin.

Creams based on hyaluronic acid visibly reduce lines and wrinkles. They hydrate and soften dry skin, make mature skin more elastic and reduce deep wrinkles like the tear trough. Hyaluronic acid is the star ingredient in the fight against skin aging, as it rebalances facial volumes.

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