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My night time anti ageing routine

My night time anti ageing routine

Is your face becoming hollow? Is your skin less plump and firm? Does it looked lined at the end of a hard day? Here are two essential anti ageing tips to help you get back on track. And to practise on a daily basis!

This one's non-negotiable! Cleansing oil, mousse, milk or lotion? Doesn't matter - the important thing is that you cleanse, even if you're not wearing make up. Cleansing doesn't just remove make up, but also gets rid of grime stuck to our skin. It's the only sure-fire way to deal with impurities, excess sebum and pollution accumulated throughout the day. Plus it gets our skin ready to soak up the active ingredients in our night creams.

Night creams deeply repair our skin after it's spent a day braving the elements. Revolumising night creams are designed to help our skin get to work whilst we sleep. This is because our skin is more receptive at night and able to sponge up active ingredients. Night creams that contain skin-pampering hyaluronic acid are particularly effective. Smooth, fresh morning skin guaranteed!

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