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How To Choose The Slimming Cream That

How To Choose The Slimming Cream That's Right For You

Some areas of the body are programmed to store fat: the hips, bottom, thighs and stomach. Cellulite often occurs here, with its telltale orange peel skin look. And it almost never comes alone, binging with it water retention and bad circulation. So it's a good idea to choose an anti-water or drainage cream, which facilitates and accelerates the loss of fatty deposits. The principle and most well-known active ingredient in these types of creams is caffeine. They can also contain ruscus, a plant recognised for its diuretic properties; elderberry to reduce swelling; and firming green tea and grape extracts. With regular use, your contours are reshaped, the appearance of cellulite is reduced, and hips and thighs are refined.

When the body cannot properly eliminate of fat, it stores fat cells. Under the pressure of these fat cells, the skin loses its firmness and an 'orange peel effect' appears. If the fatty tissue is too thick, it is best to choose a lipo-reducing cream, which will either prevent fat from lodging in the tissue or reduce it. These treatments use ingredients that stop the conversion of ingested fats into fat reserves, such as L-carnatine and some polyphenols. The orange tone is reduced, the skin firms up as it tightens, and the figure changes.

If, from the age of around 30, cellulite becomes more visible, it's not because we have gained weight, but because the skin has become thinner and less supple. Just like the skin on the face, the body produces less collagen fibres with age. For skin that has lost its elasticity and firmness, whose tissues are slack, it is necessary to choose a firming cream. We chose a treatment based on ingredients that stimulate the production of cells responsible for firming the skin, such as retinol, soya and brown seaweed. The roundness is erased, the skin regains its firmness and is smoother.

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