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Get The Most Out Of Your Face Cream

Get The Most Out Of Your Face Cream

You already know that moisturizers are a must-have skincare product that do wonders for your skin. But here is how you can get more out of these powerful skin-pampering products.

1. Cleanse
Clean skin better absorbs active ingredients in our skincare products. Grime, make up and pollutants can prevent ingredients from doing their job, making them less effective. In other words, they can alter our skin's biological mechanisms.

2. Exfoliate
Regular scrubbing reduces the number of skin-dulling dead cells. By removing dead skin cells, our epidermis is able to soak up active ingredients, for a deeper action. How often you should scrub, depends on your skin type and its sensitivity.

3. Improve your blood flow
Boost your blood flow by massaging your face with your fingers or a mechanical/electrical brush designed to kick-start your circulation with its bristles. It'll wake up your complexion and slightly warm up your skin, allowing active ingredients to easily penetrate its surface. Cell metabolism and exchange improves, meaning your cream's ingredients will be more effective. They'll be soaked up in a flash!

4. Choose the right ingredients for your skin
There's no point in investing in skincare treatments that your skin doesn't need. Our skin responds better to active ingredients that it craves. Think nourishing for dry skin, firming for sagging skin, anti-wrinkle for older skin, brightening for age spots and mattifying for shiny skin. That said, all skin types need moisturising active ingredients! Moisturisers plump up skin tissue and leave the stratum corneum porous enough for active ingredients to penetrate the epidermal barrier. But there's no need to slather it on. A dollop's enough to moisturise your face and neck.

5. Opt for a suitable texture
Go for textures that suit your skin type: gel or fluid for greasy or combination skin, light creams for normal skin and richer formulae for dry skin. Choosing the right texture lets your skin bathe in your moisturiser's goodness. For example, if you prefer lightweight textures that are intensely hydrating without feeling heavy and greasy on your skin, try the Hydrafresh Anti-Ox Grape Seed Hydrating Aqua Balm by L’Oréal Paris. The powerful antioxidants in this product firght against dryness and dullness while the unique balm texture hydrates your skin making it smooth and soft.

Regardless of your skin type, a moisturizer should be a part of your morning and night time skincare routine. But don’t just slather on your moisturizer and call it a day. Follow the simple steps mentioned above to get more bang for your buck when using the humble moisturizers and face creams.

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